There were the days when “Tumbleweed Tuesday” was coined, the day after Labor Day, when so many restaurants closed, shops shut down for the winter and locals took a deep breath and enjoyed their Indian Summer.  Sure, things do quiet down a bit now after Labor Day, but not nearly as much as they used to, with most restaurants remaining open year round, only a handful closing for a day a week or a couple of weeks in the deep winter.

Real estate sales were much more predictable in those days, too. The Spring selling season usually started with Presidents Day weekend, where folks from “the city” would trek out to see if they could either buy or rent their beach house and make their summer plans firm.  Most rentals ran Memorial Day to Labor Day then.

Today, the Hamptons are a 12 month bonanza of restaurants, museums, traffic and real estate and the real estate market is always “ON”, except when it’s not, which is unpredictable…Fall is robust!