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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, the leading NYC real estate website launches StreetEasy Hamptons

New York, NY. June 11th, 2009. recently launched their expansion to the Hamptons, covering the beach towns on the Eastern end of Long Island along with the North Fork of Suffolk County. The East End of Long Island is one of the largest second home and seasonal rental markets for New Yorkers, with over 60% of those looking in the Hamptons and North Fork residents of New York, giving StreetEasy the built in audience interested in these properties. New Yorkers will finally be able to see listings in the Hamptons the way they have been accustomed to in New York, with full detailed history.

StreetEasy’s unique local approach to real estate search in New York has made them the most popular site with advanced search options like new development, school zoning and commute time. StreetEasy is taking this approach in the Hamptons as well, incorporating important local search features like South of the Highway and Oceanfront property.

“StreetEasy has made New York one of the most transparent real estate markets in the country and we aim to do something similar for the Hamptons, which has traditionally been shrouded by the exclusive nature of the area and the geographic isolation” said Dawn Doherty, VP of Strategic Development at StreetEasy. She added that “now many brokerages on the East End are embracing transparency and StreetEasy’s entrance into the market. Along with exposing their properties to the huge audience of over 30,000 New Yorkers who visit StreetEasy daily, leaders are realizing that a transparent market offer consumers the information needed to make real estate decisions.”

One company fully embracing StreetEasy’s expansion to the Hamptons is Prudential Douglas Elliman, which is displaying all of their sale and rental listings on the site. “At Prudential Douglas Elliman, we believe good decisions are based on knowledge of the facts. We are committed to helping provide transparency for consumers as a way to ensure confidence in the market,” said Jill Harnick, Chief Marketing Officer at PDE. “As a compliment to the information we provide at, StreetEasy has become a strong partner for us, and we expect it will offer a boost to our web traffic in the Hamptons, where people are searching for real value now.”

StreetEasy Hamptons includes sale and rental listings, open houses, recorded sales, and discussion boards. StreetEasy Hamptons is accessible from StreetEasy’s homepage or

About is a New York based Real Estate information portal that aggregates the most comprehensive set of sale and rental listings along with other useful info to help consumers make better decisions with detail such as days on market, recent price reductions, and what homes sold for.

For more information about StreetEasy, please visit or contact Dawn Doherty at (646) 365-0285 or

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It’s coming to a brokerage or realtor association near you. Consumers are demanding it and, once available, you will have to take part or you won’t get any clients (unless you devise some slick marketing net, but that’s so expensive and inefficient, isn’t it?)


Transparency, service ratings -eBay, Amazon style. The stampede is on. To financial services, Wall Street, Main Street, real estate, investments…sure there’s always the underbelly that will figure out new scams to trap the unsuspecting.

Brokers, if you received customer satisfaction reviews on your agents from every customer they did business with, do you know who would rise to the top in your office(s)?   More importantly, do you know who woould be at the bottom?  And why are they still working for you?


The “Client Experience Rating” program is free and optional for members of the Houston association, a regional Realtor trade group with about 23,000 total members.

Realtor association launches ratings program


The Real Deal Tossed For ‘Not Sugar-Coating’ Market

Posted by Noah Rosenblatt on April 7, 2009 at 8.41 AM
Thanks, Noah for posting this item!
And thanks to The Real Deal and Curbed for writing about this!
Are the tides towards transparency shifting in Manhattan?
A law-suit filed in the Hamptons may have some impact here, we’ll have to wait and see.
I’m afraid a lot of heads are going to have to roll before the culture of Bernie Madoff  style “smoke and mirrors” and “behind the curtain” real estate dealings comes to an end, but there’s no time like the present to start…

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