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It’s coming to a brokerage or realtor association near you. Consumers are demanding it and, once available, you will have to take part or you won’t get any clients (unless you devise some slick marketing net, but that’s so expensive and inefficient, isn’t it?)


Transparency, service ratings -eBay, Amazon style. The stampede is on. To financial services, Wall Street, Main Street, real estate, investments…sure there’s always the underbelly that will figure out new scams to trap the unsuspecting.

Brokers, if you received customer satisfaction reviews on your agents from every customer they did business with, do you know who would rise to the top in your office(s)?   More importantly, do you know who woould be at the bottom?  And why are they still working for you?


The “Client Experience Rating” program is free and optional for members of the Houston association, a regional Realtor trade group with about 23,000 total members.

Realtor association launches ratings program


It’s painful to think that, even as the rest of the economy may begin to stabilize, far, far more startups could join the Deadpool this fall than last. The survivors who are able to raise money will have to compete not just with one another but with companies like Citi, whose per-share price was recently approaching that of Redfin’s.

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redfin real estate

Redfin online real estate

Redfin online real estate brokerage is coming to Long Island this spring. The company will be commencing operations in Nassau and Suffolk counties. More info to follow.

Why Redfin is Way Better

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