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Deals in the Hamptons
would be the value today,” says Michael Daly, founder of brokerage True North Realty Associates in North Haven and author of Hamptons Real Estate Blog. moves into Hamptons market; Elliman, Coldwell Banker onboard

June 11, 2009 05:50PM By Candace Taylor

Economic Downturn or Killer Tornado?
Cityfile – New York,NY,USA
The Hamptons real estate market really sucks at the moment, as you may have heard. According to stats guru Jonathan Miller, the number of unsold homes on

Hamptons Homes Decline Most Since Realtors Kept Records in 1982
Bloomberg – USA
flicker,” said Michael Daly, founder of the buyers’ brokerage True North Realty Associates in North Haven, New York, and a Hamptons real estate blogger.

All cash deals: Green is the new black

As market fears kick in, all-cash deals soar
By Candace Taylor , The Real Deal
New York Times

In the Region | Long Island Starting Up in a Sour Market
New York Times – United States
According to a market analysis of the Hamptons North Fork Real Estate Report by Miller Samuel, a residential real estate appraisal firm, sales dropped 16.9

Acting on homebuyers’ behalf – Southampton,NY,USA
Michael Daly, who owned the RE/MAX Beach Properties franchise that closed its doors in Southampton due to the credit crunch this past summer,

Lunch With … Michael Daly

Residence, The Southampton Press

Lunch With … Michael Daly For the last decade, Michael Daly has been one of the top real estate brokers on the East End. In 1998, he started True … to offer what he calls straightforward, no-nonsense service. Now, Mr. Daly does business as Beach Properties of the Hamptons, having opened the first …

Financial crises felt here

Real Estate, The Southampton Press

… the homeowners’ uncertainty about their financial future. For Michael Daly, the owner of the former RE/MAX Beach Properties in Southampton, the … difficult time finding financing. Despite an optimistic start, Mr. Daly ended up closing his doors in July 1. He is now in the process of opening True …

Construction of spec houses hits a downturn

Real Estate, The Southampton Press

… on the number of spec homes currently on the market, Re/Max realtor Michael Daly recently told The Real Deal that there are approximately 135 homes … you can’t build a house large enough,” said Mr. Saunders. Michael Davis, a Sagaponack-based custom builder, had gotten wind of the new …

Wall Street crisis reaches Hamptons

By Candace Taylor, The Real Deal
01/07/09 at 04:00PM

Hamptons buyers turn to sellers for financing

By Sara Polsky

As lending dries up, some hopeful Hamptons buyers are turning to a new source of financing — the homeowner.

But Michael Daly, principal broker at True North Realty Associates, said he has seen a decrease in owner financing in the Hamptons since last fall.

Sellers are still too nervous about the economy to turn en masse to owner financing, Daly said. “I think that current owners…have a healthy level of concern about being stuck with buyers who may default….Unless you’re prepared to take back your property, it’s probably not wise to offer owner financing.”

At the same time, it could be “an excellent way of helping make some deals happen right now, because the mortgage offerings are so strict and it’s common for people to have to put down more and more,” Daly said. If a seller could add 10 or 20 percent to the financing offered through a conventional mortgage — that could save a deal.