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newsday subprime mapThere’s all sorts of nifty new fact and figures coming out about sub-prime.  Here’s a map from Newsday showing the percentage of mortgages for 2006 that were sub-prime loans.

Presumably, that will give an indication as to how many foreclosures might be in these community’s future?  Looks like the East End has a much lower overall percentage than our sister markets to the west.  see map here


Ok everybody, here we go again with the MEDIAN price figure.

Raise your hands: How many of you REALLY know what MEDIAN price means and CAN EXPLAIN IT!?!?   Median is like a Metric figure to me. Like: “What, you want me to walk two kilometers?” or, “WOW! that was a matter of centimeters!!!” Sorry, it’s pretty meaningless to me…for a definition of “median”,try this

Would it make it any better or worse to know that the AVERAGE price of Hamptons Real Estate is now over $1.6 Million? Impressed? Depressed?  


for more info:

East Hampton Village For Rent 2007As we’ve noticed the number of empty storefronts in East Hampton Village continues to grow.

I’ve been looking for a location in East Hampton for our next Beach Properties office and the asking rents have gotten up to Madison Avenue rates. $10,000 per month, triple net for a 1200 sqft raw space that needs $150,000 worth of improvements to make it acceptable as a real estate office is a bit much!

 That being said, I suppose the market dictates the lease rates and it’s up to us to be creative about our location choices. 

 The East Hampton Star has more

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