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HIFF09For one thing, the film showcase will run a week earlier than in recent years, to take advantage of the long Columbus Day weekend. Increased attendance, and ticket revenues, became especially important after corporate sponsorship declined last year, said Stuart Match Suna, the festival’s board chairman. “It’s a very tough time,” though corporate interest and sponsorship have picked up recently, he said.

The number of films will remain at around 100 features and shorts, but “there’s a little bit more star wattage than last year,” said David Nugent, the director of programming.

see the NYTimes story here

HIFF Site:

Itzhak Perlman during a rehearsal. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

Itzhak Perlman during a rehearsal. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

I recall 7-8 years ago, when Utzhak Perlman was looking for a spot for his Perlman Music Program on the South Fork and he reportedly zeroed in on land in Sagaponack on the south side of Montauk Hwy around Town Line Road (near the former Alison’s and current Townline BBQ).  The poor folks of Sagaponack were still reeling from the  Ira Rennert fiasco, where he was allowed to build his 60,000 sqft structure on the ocean off Daniels Lane, simply because there were no zoning restrictions that did not allow it.

So, here Mr. Perlman is hoping to put his music program facilities in Sagaponack and he ended up getting blown out of town by the NIMBY’s.  Too bad, it would have made for a lovely use of the property. I bet if they had it to do all over again, he would be welcomed with open arms…

Anyway, he found a terrific spot on Shelter Island and is just a short ferry ride away (wave as you pass The Meadows, will you?). Here’s his schedule of concerts for the East End this summer, starting TONIGHT!

Concerts in the Hamptons and North Fork by Itzhak Perlman Music Program

Maxine Hicks for The New York Times  SOCIALITE Rachelle Hruska is the face behind, an online event diary.

Maxine Hicks for The New York Times ... SOCIALITE Rachelle Hruska is the face behind, an online event diary.

In this part of the world – The Fabulous Humptons – it’s difficult to avoid celebrity news and gossip – something we have tried to resist, keeping to relevant real estate info as much as possible.

Well, here’s one stunning up-and-comer who not only makes celebrity fun, she is making the pursuit of it admirable, having started Guest of a Guest, a tasteful, positive side of life social site that makes everyone look their best in the process.

Guest of a Guest chronicles night life from the city and the Hamptons through dozens of daily posts and photographs. For followers of such coverage, the coin of the realm has traditionally been exclusivity, a sneering velvet-roped rejection. But GofG, as it calls itself, gives civilian readers the illusion that they can attend these parties, too, as virtual guests. Who would believe that the effusiveness of Nebraska Nice could sell? But in bad-news times, maybe that’s precisely why it does: the site, Ms. Hruska said, which began on April 1, 2008, broke even just this month.

see the NYTimes story here

More Homes in California Are Selling

WSJ  -California’s housing market showed improvement in March as sales of existing single-family homes rose 64%.

‘Underwater’ vs. Foreclosure

Why most people who owe more than a property’s worth will still keep their homes.

Home Prices Sink, but Pace Is Slower

Home prices slid in February, S&P/Case-Shiller data showed, but the annual pace of decline slowed. Consumer sentiment surged in April.

Infamy! Summer ’09, the Hamptons
New York Observer – New York,NY,USA
Christopher Robbins is the vice president of Robbins Wolf, the high-end event-planning company that puts together the Hamptons Classic Horse Show;


The Seventh Annual Hamptons Restaurant WeekSM will launch from Sunday, March 29 through Sunday, April 5, 2009. For one week, Sunday to Sunday, all participating restaurants offer a three course prix fixe for $24.95 all night except Saturday when it will only be offered until 7 p.m. Each restaurant offers their own unique menu selections and selected restaurants will offer a special discounted bottle of Long Island Wine.


Updated: May 30, 2008 5:05pm    

Villages Notifying Businesses Of SLA Regs Following Vered Incident
By Mariah Quinn

Ruth Vered’s arrest on May 24 led area villages to notify businesses about State Liquor Authority regulations regarding the distribution of beer and wine at special events.

Southampton – After the arrest of an East Hampton gallery owner who failed to obtain a special permit from the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) which authorizes the service of beer or wine, some local municipalities are notifying area businesses of the SLA requirements in an effort to ensure compliance with the law.

rest of story HERE

Where is the fuhrer?  Ruth Kalb Vreed GalleryAre we in Cuba?  China maybe?  Afganastan?

East Hampton Village Police arrested 67 year old Ruth Kalb (Vered Gallery) in the middle of her art gallery openingat the Vreed Gallery because she was serving liquor (wine?) and had invited lots of people to attend.

I’m first to admit that I was not in attendance and do not know the entrie story, so there may be some missing pieces (the NYPost leaving out some pieces????- nah…)  That being said, there MUST be a better way of handling these matters!  The Post  and Daily News stories are below.

Here’s the number for the EHVillage PD – 631-324-0777

Here’s the number for the EHVillage Mayors Office – 631-324-4150





East End gallery owner carted off to jail for serving drinks without a license

Monday, May 26th 2008, 4:00 AM

See the PLUM TV Video of the arrest below:

Vered Gallery Arrest on PLUM TV

Best News!  Southampton Town Board voted unanimously last night on a resolution to accept terms with LIPA that results in the burial of 100% of the cables on the powerline route on the back roads.  

The terms call for a LIPA surcharge based upon consumption — for the East End of the Town, only (excluding Shinnecock, Tuckahoe, and the Shinnecock Reseration).  The surcharge will amount to $3.70 per month for the average electric consumer, i.e., bigger houses will pay more than average, and smaller houses less.

At later date, yet to be set, we must go to LIPA headquarters to impress upon LIPA’s Trustees that we expect them to also ratify this agreement.  Again, on that day, CGSF will arrange for chartered Jitneys (free to supporters who come, including lunch aboard the return trip).

In the event that LIPA’s Trustees do not ratify the agreement – the Town’s resolution also calls for establishing a Special Tax Assessment District to support payment for the undergrounding. The boundaries of the STAD are yet to be set, but will include Water Mill, part of Bridgehampton, and perhaps, depending upon their agreement, the Villages of Southampton, Sag Harbor, North Haven, and Sagaponack.

Please take the time to send “Thank You” emails to the Southampton Town Board for their good work to preserve and protect our scenic vistas and hurricane escape route.  This was a long and hard negotiation for them.  Here are their email addresses:
  Supervisor Linda Kabot:
  Councilman Chris Nuzzi:
  Councilwoman Anna Throne-Holst:
  Councilwoman Nancy Groboski:
  Councilman Dan Russo:

We owe a special debt of gratitude to Assemblyman Fred Thiele, who persisted in bringing both sides to this agreement.  Without Assemblyman Thiele’s involvement this deal would never have happened.  Please tell Assemblyman Thiele you are grateful: thielef@

Steve Abramson, Chair
Committee for a Green South Fork

An issue that has been in discussion for years: 


Ruling Blocks Tribal Casino in Hamptons

With a growing group of local residents coming together to Save Sag Harbor,  it’s great to see our local politicians coming together figuring out how to preserve the Bay Street Theater for generations to come.

See Christine Bellini’s article:  Theater’s Future Will Be In The Small Print

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