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The hot spots for erosion move east to west along the East End beaches.

Sagaponack, Bridgehampton, Westhampton ( now West Hampton Dunes), Hampton Bays and, most recently Wainscott have all had their opportunities to be the “hot spot”.

Ronald Lauder, who has done so much to preserve Wainscott from development over the years is now fighting the battle to save an oceanfront home.

Hamptons Establish a Beachhead
Wall Street Journal
Erosion doesn’t appear to have had any broad effect on the value of the area’s oceanfront real estate, even though these homes are among the most fragile.

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Ok, many of us love the beach. Some of us have enough money to live directly on the beach. But if we do, we have to respect Mother Nature and accept the fact that One Day

My friend, Billy Mack explains what took place:

“Some places the dunes have eroded to the point that some old foundations are exposed,” said William Mack, a coastal geologist with First Coastal, a coastal development consulting firm in Westhampton. “It was an intense storm. It was a massive amount of wind feeding that massive low just offshore. That generated these extreme wave heights through at least four or five tide cycles.”

Mr. Mack said erosion was focused on specific weak spots, where “erosion waves” have kept the sand barriers from building up. Erosion waves are areas where gaps in offshore sandbars allow larger waves to reach the shoreline. Resulting riptides carry sand away from the beach, accelerating erosion. The erosion hot-spots tend to migrate to the west over many years.”

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