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Best News!  Southampton Town Board voted unanimously last night on a resolution to accept terms with LIPA that results in the burial of 100% of the cables on the powerline route on the back roads.  

The terms call for a LIPA surcharge based upon consumption — for the East End of the Town, only (excluding Shinnecock, Tuckahoe, and the Shinnecock Reseration).  The surcharge will amount to $3.70 per month for the average electric consumer, i.e., bigger houses will pay more than average, and smaller houses less.

At later date, yet to be set, we must go to LIPA headquarters to impress upon LIPA’s Trustees that we expect them to also ratify this agreement.  Again, on that day, CGSF will arrange for chartered Jitneys (free to supporters who come, including lunch aboard the return trip).

In the event that LIPA’s Trustees do not ratify the agreement – the Town’s resolution also calls for establishing a Special Tax Assessment District to support payment for the undergrounding. The boundaries of the STAD are yet to be set, but will include Water Mill, part of Bridgehampton, and perhaps, depending upon their agreement, the Villages of Southampton, Sag Harbor, North Haven, and Sagaponack.

Please take the time to send “Thank You” emails to the Southampton Town Board for their good work to preserve and protect our scenic vistas and hurricane escape route.  This was a long and hard negotiation for them.  Here are their email addresses:
  Supervisor Linda Kabot:
  Councilman Chris Nuzzi:
  Councilwoman Anna Throne-Holst:
  Councilwoman Nancy Groboski:
  Councilman Dan Russo:

We owe a special debt of gratitude to Assemblyman Fred Thiele, who persisted in bringing both sides to this agreement.  Without Assemblyman Thiele’s involvement this deal would never have happened.  Please tell Assemblyman Thiele you are grateful: thielef@

Steve Abramson, Chair
Committee for a Green South Fork


Committee for a Green South Fork
April 29, 2008
Dear Concerned South Fork Resident,

Please note CORRECTED email address for Supervisor Linda Kabot:

On Monday, State Supreme Court Justice Peter H. Mayer ruled to deny the Town’s Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against LIPA’s construction of the above-ground portion of the powerline route in Water Mill (huge poles).

Judge Mayer did not vacate the Town’s Stop Work Order (SWO) against LIPA’s above-ground portion, and delayed his ruling on that.  It is not clear that LIPA will abide by the Town’s SWO, as LIPA had scheduled to begin erecting poles in Water Mill this Friday, May 2.

The Town and LIPA Are at an Impasse.  LIPA demands to be assured of payment for burying all the cables.  LIPA management is willing to make the deal, but the LIPA Trustees must vote to approve this decision.  LIPA wants assurance that…IF they bury all the cables before the LIPA Trustees vote…and IF the LIPA Trustees vote not to accept the residents’ surcharge covering the cost…then Southampton Town will pay.

The Town is reluctant to make that assurance, as the expense might have to be borne town-wide in the absence of a special Tax Assessment District (for the East End of the Town).  The proposal of a new Tax Assessment District would take time to work through the approval process in Albany, and might not be approved.

YOU CAN HELP – Send an email to Supervisor Linda Kabot and the Southampton Town Board.  Let Supervisor Kabot know you want the Town to make sure there are No Huge Poles in the South Fork!  No matter what!  One way or another, the Town must agree to cover LIPA’s financial liability to bury all the cables – No Huge Poles!  Email Supervisor Kabot and the Town Board today at:

Thanks to those of you who have already contributed to our legal defense fund! If you have not contributed to our legal defense fund, please do it NOW!  You can make a credit card contribution securely on-line via PayPal on our website at by clicking here: Go to Donate Button.

Steve Abramson, Chair
Committee for a Green South Fork

invasion of the urban Long Island Power Authority into the Country

Committee for a Green South Fork
April 18, 2008
Dear Concerned South Fork Resident,

Town Files a Complaint  v. LIPA on April 18
LIPA Agrees to Temporary Hold on Huge Poles
Temporary Restraining Order – Judge to Rule April 25

Following our two complaints against LIPA, the Town of Southampton filed a complaint v. LIPA and today the Judge issued a stipulation of a Temporary Restraining OrderLIPA is now prevented from any construction of the above-ground portion of the transmission powerline until the Judge rules next Friday, April 25.  The same judge has been assigned to the Town’s complaint as to our own two previous complaints in Suffolk County Supreme Court.

Two days ago, the Town also issued a Stop Work Order against LIPA, preventing LIPA from working on the above-ground portion.

Previously, LIPA Was Served Two Complaints on Our Behalf aimed at blocking LIPA from proceeding with the massive poles and cables on the back roads.  The first action alleges that LIPA, as a governmental entity, did not perform a sufficient environmental impact study regarding the above ground cables. The second action alleges that the installation of the new electrical towers will create: (1) a risk to a hurricane escape route and (2) a nuisance [and a loss in property value], and seeks a permanent injunction preventing LIPA from installing the towers. 

In addition to the above complaints, CGSF also filed a complaint with the New York State Environmental Protection Bureau. 

Negotiations Continue between the Town and LIPA, and we can take satisfaction in that our pursuit of legal remedies has helped to motivate LIPA to come to the table.

Again, we have received contributions from many who joined our petition list, but we are asking everyone on our list to please contribute something to our legal defense fund – NOW!  We are opposing an adversary with deep pockets.

You can make a credit card contribution securely on-line via PayPal on our website at

Thanks to those of you who have already contributed to get the litigation under way.

Steve Abramson, Chair
Committee for a Green South Fork

LIPA- Bury The LinesIt’s not an uncommon scenario. Not to be cynical, but so much of our destiny is controlled by people who don’t live here, but wish they did, but they can’t and are not very happy about it so they feel a little “so there, you fancy-schmancies” is in order.

It’s why many have been trying to create “Peconic County” consisting of the 5 East End Towns. Why should we be ruled by people who have never even been here, some 50 miles away?

The same for the Long Island Board  of Realtors. Why should a board from West Islip regulate how listings are handled on the East End, where we have a very different culture and way of doing business. That’s why HANFRA, the Hamptons and North Fork Realtors Association has grown to 1000 members in recent years – local rule!!

We’ll now we have the Long Island Power Authority – LIPA – who says they need to provide more power lines to the East End in order to keep up with demand, and they want to put up these big ugly poles along our roadways. Needless to say, many of us are against it.

Here’s one of the stories:

Driven to Save a Vista From LIPA Lines

Published: February 24, 2008

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