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Please note: these are for Single Family residences only and do not include vacant land, commercial properties, multi-family homes and agricultural purchases.

First 4 months 2008

2008 vs 2007 

Median Price  -3.9%

Unit Sales  -30.6%

Dollar Volume  -15.8%

Avg Trade Price  $2,043,768   +21.2%

‘very few people in this world can reason normally. there is a terrible tendency to accept all that is said, all that is read, and to accept it without question.  only (s)he who is ready to question, to think for (him)herself, will find the truth! to understand the currents of a river, (s)he who wishes to know the truth must enter the water.” – Nisargadatta

There are some incredible deals out there, for those with the courage to step forward and have some respect for those who stand in the river.

UPDATE 3/1/2009 – things have changed…these words don’t taste so good.

Hamptons dollar volume down 66%

Hedge Funds’ Paulson

Trades Up in Hamptons

April 11, 2008; Page W8

Last year, hedge-fund manager John Paulson pocketed billions by betting the housing market would collapse, but in the Hamptons he’s just listed his three-acre retreat for $19.5 million, more than 50% above what he paid for it two years ago.

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Hedge-fund manager John Paulson purchased this 10.4-acre Southampton, N.Y., compound for $41.3 million. It sits on Lake Agawam.

The founder of Paulson & Co., managing roughly $32 billion, recently bought a 10.4-acre lakefront compound less than a mile away for $41.3 million. The seller was Rodney Propp, chairman of a Manhattan property firm.

Last year, Mr. Paulson made as much as $3 billion to $4 billion for himself — thought to be a record one-year payday on Wall Street. This year the former Bear Stearns Cos. investment banker bet against the financial sector and profited from weakening among banks, including Bear.

[John Paulson]

The Southampton, N.Y., house he’s listed is a seven-bedroom “cottage” on three acres with an enclosed pool and sauna and a detached garage. He bought it two years ago from Jurgen Friedrich, a director of clothing company Esprit Holdings, for $12.75 million, records show.

The trader’s 15,000-square-foot new house was built in 1911 and fully renovated, and comes with separate staff quarters, two other houses, a three-car garage and a pool. The property, called “Old Trees,” has about 450 feet on Lake Agawam and ocean views. It was listed for $48 million in 2006.

Bobby Gianos

As we first reported over two years ago, on the original Hamptons Real Estate Blog, Robert (Bobby G) Gianos, is in full swing developing Olde Towne on the last large parcel of land in Southampton Village.

Like him, or not; like his project or not, Gianos has focused like a laser beam on this project and has approached in in an undeniable fashion. A great example for all business people to follow. released a piece on Olde Towne: check it out!

Building Olde Towne Tree By Tree, Billionaire By Billionaire
By Andrea Aurichio 



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