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Well, it’s been awhile since there has been enough news to make a Round-Up.  Here’s the buzz:

Ready to Spend, but Not to Boast
New York Times
In the Hamptons, where real estate agents court bankers looking for summer homes, the sales are also expected to be a boon for contractors,


Richard Demato
The Sag Harbor Express
The real estate market is getting busy again, the inventory of houses is declining. After a tenuous financial hold in 2008, it appears The Retreat will be

Foreclose threat hits Hamptons big shots
New York Post
The priciest of the bunch is 80 Further Lane in East Hampton, a tony beachfront home with an $8.5 million mortgage, said CEO Bill

01/22/10  Opinion,


A Non-Delirious New York

Recovery should not mean a return to the excess that betrayed so many.

Hampton Bays condo plan moves forward
By Will James Within the next six weeks, a developer will finally go through with the demolition of the abandoned Allen’s Acres Motel in Hampton Bays,

What Home Sellers Don’t Tell Buyers  WSJ

As buyers ease back into the battered real-estate market, they’re often hitting a stumbling block: fibbing by home sellers. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Million Dollar Money Pit
By The Independent |– Most people preparing to move into a new home feel joyful anticipation, perhaps peppered with a little concern

› BMW dealership an empty lot waiting for a buyer

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