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The Toppings - Real Horse People - at the Hampton Classic Horse Show last summer.

The Toppings - Real Horse People - at the Hampton Classic Horse Show last summer.

It’s sad, sometimes that there is so much to divide us, especially in places like The Hamptons, where all to often we are classified as either a city person or a local, a native or a week-ender, part of the service class or a member of the elite.

Visitors come here and use it as their playground, often disrespecting nature and private property, looking down their noses at anyone driving an American car.

Those who were born and raised here often blame “the citiots” for “ruining this place”, making it a place where their children can’t afford to live.

Fact is, the East End of Long Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth and, it’s because of people like Patricia Topping…

“Topping worked long and hard to devise a plan that would allow her to keep the farm and preserve open space without selling the development rights and stripping the land of its full potential value as prime residential real estate. In the highly prized Hampton’s home market an acre of land south of the highway is worth upwards of $2 million. The pressure to sell to developers or retain the right to sell in the future without losing the last precious remaining open spaces is never far from the mind of any farmer or large landowner on the South Fork.”


Keeping The Farm In The Family Is No Small Feat For Patricia Topping
Andrea Aurichio


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