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AMAGANSETT is within East Hampton Township, on the East End on Long Island, New York

Preservation of valuable land (and the term “valuable” is subjective) usually brings competition and controversy along with it.  Municipalities today spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to preserve open space for a myriad of reasons, from health or resource concerns to political reasons.

After a few down years, the Hamptons real estate market is back and so is the Peconic Bay Community Preservation Fund, which collects a tax of nearly 2% on every transaction completed within the 5 East End Townships of Suffolk County.  That’s BIG BUSINESS today! And they are only one of the contributors to the Preservation alliance, made up of private funds, federal, state and county funds.

And while there truly ARE those who want to preserve for all the right reasons, like Bob DeLuca (see below) there are those who may want to “preserve” for themselves…judge for yourselves.

“It’s death by a thousand cuts,” said Bob Deluca, president of Group for the East End, an environmental group. Or rather, death by a thousand septic tanks, swimming pools and landscaping crews with all their effluent and runoff.

Read the following NYTimes piece:

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