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Foreigners Snap Up US Real Estate

The story:

Foreign buyers snap up U.S. real estate

By Stephanie Armour, USA TODAY

My take:

Are there foreigners out there buying? Of course there are – there always have been!   Foreigners are also leary about buying in this market because of all the negative publicity. No one wants to buy in a sinking market. 

And while people like to lament that “eveyone’s a real estate agent”, I find that “everyone’s a writer” (including some ex-real estate agents).  With the ease of publishing today, anyone can write a story and, using the right buzzwords, get it picked up. It’s amazing to me how many non-relevent stories get picked up by my Google Alerts where writers insert the work Hamptons in there, just to get the piece picked up by SEO.

That’s why, in my opinion, so many of these dramatic, “the world is ending” and Foreigners Gone Wild for US Real Estate” stories get picked up. Editors and publishers are looking for eyeballs and writers who deliver that get kudos -the integrity of our media has gone down the toilet, just like a lot of other things in the digital world. 

As my friend Dave’s mom said to him and I when we were both getting divorced; ‘Well boys, now you did it, and now you’ve got to live with it”.

I’m livin’ with it…

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