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Traffic into Southampton...a thing of the past

Traffic into Southampton...a thing of the past

Traffic jams in the morning, formerly known as the “Trade Parade” are a thing of the past.    As recently as a year ago (Mar 08), you could leave Manhattan at 6am and get to the Shinnecock Canal by 7:15, then take another 1:15 to get the 6 miles from the canal to Water Mill, all due to traffic congestion trying to get to Southampton and beyond.

Suffolk County did a great job widening the 3 lane CR 39 into 4 lanes, allowing two eastbound lanes to match the two westbound lanes, but the economic slowdown has taken its toll on the number of supply trucks and construction workers coming into the area from the west for the high paying jobs.

Now, the Town of Southampton is looking to lift the building moratorium they enacted along the busy road so they could plan for proper growth.

It seems like taking down the speed limit signs on a closed highway, but…

see the story here6608e

UPDATE: Town Lifts CR-39 Building Ban In Favor Of Sparking Economy

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