East End Sales Statistics

Courtesy of LIRealEstateReport.com

Week Ending                 02/20/09                        02/19/10
Number of Sales                  17                                        75
Total $ Amount         $17,027,220                  $93,384,952
Median Price             $     547,000                  $      760,000
Average Price           $   1,001,601                  $  1,245,133

YOY that’s an increase of:

– over 400% on Number of Sales

– over 500% on Total $ Amount

– nearly 39% Median Price and

– 25% Average Price

This is a weekly report, however sales have been up in recent weeks as well, signifying a positive sales trend.

THAT is significant…but will it last?

* Note – REPORTED sales means that these sales were publicly released by Suffolk County and reported by various agencies, including LIRealEstateReport.com, this week.

These sales actually closed previous to this week; 22 closing in the last few months of 2009 and 53 closing in January 2010.

Those closing were the result of “deals” or “accepted offers” that usually took place 60-90 days or more before.

Therefore, for the most part, these sales reflect the market activity in Sept/Oct 2009.