The applicants’ have also agreed to limit the size of the houses that can be built on the lots to 12,000 square feet. “That was a wish of the board and they acquiesced very readily to it,” Mr. Hunting said, “which was a nice advantage to the village because the houses could be quite large there. They also moved the building envelopes as far as possible toward Apaquogue Road and away from the pond.”

20.8-acre parcel between Lily Pond Lane and Apaquogue Road

20.8-acre parcel between Lily Pond Lane and Apaquogue Road

“Last spring, some village residents requested that the Village Planning Board require a clustered subdivision, in which up to 50 percent of the property must be preserved as open space, and the building lots are clustered on the remainder.

The Williamses have proposed to maintain 52 percent of the land as open space, satisfying the board’s requirements, but they have requested that the open space be included with the individual lots and protected by easements, not divided off as a separate lot.”

**Ed note: Of course they would request to not cluster…3.7 – 4.4  lots are worth significantly more than 1.35 – 2.2 acre lots.

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