As I was reading The E-Mail Handshake in yesterday’s New York Times, I found myself – a fairly tech-savvy real estate agent- with mixed emotions about the concept of  conducting negotiations via Blackberry/iPhone email.

iphoneI believe that too often agents, clients and customers use email as a way of avoiding contact and the tough conversations they need to have about a property or the negotiating process. It’s easier to be a hard-ass with a few thumb strokes than it is on the phone, having to listen to the other persons advice.  That being said, perhaps some buyers don’t trust their agents and don’t even want to listen to their advice, so they just shoot ’em instructions and see where it lands.  On the flip side, perhaps some agents don’t have the confidence to stand toe to toe with their client and tell them the things they don;t want to hear that just might get the deal done.

I wonder how many deals don’t get done because the wrong method of communicating was chosen?

I’d like to think that today’s most prominent agents know when to “e” and when to “c” their clients and have established a relationship with their clients that they know when a “c” is coming in, it’s important enough to take it.

Knowing when to use technology and when to use personal contact is a combination of art, science and style…