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Funny how this wack upside the financial head has reformed so many of us. But how “out of control” were things before ‘The Fall of 2008″.

This is one of those links that showed up in my alerts that is not specific to the Hamptons, but I’m glad it did. He calls us out for it…

“Only a few years ago these ‘status symbols’ were accepted or even admired by most Americans but are now being lambasted as indulgent extravagances of the out-of-touch superrich. Pre-recession, these investment bankers and hedge fund managers were the cream of American society, their Dom Perignon-swilling exploits breathlessly detailed in the national gossip columns, their twentysomething girlfriends achieving celebrity status rivaling that of Paris Hilton in her glorious prime. Then, the boom went bust, and American citizens went from fawning to fuming in a matter of weeks.”

My AIG Outrage

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Submitted by Seth Hedstrom on Sat, 03/28/2009