Sure, I’ve had a Range Rover or two. Used to keep the thermostat at 72 degrees in winter and 68 in summer. I was also a bull on Hamptons real estate  and a (shall I admit it?) registered Republican.

Well those days are over, not that I’ve gone “crunchy” or anything, but I’m getting 25 miles per gallon in my used Benz, keeping the heat at 64, looking forward to spring temps where I can open the windows and have fresh air and I registered as an Independant. Will I get a Prius? Maybe the new Tesla

Those of us with waterfront homes might want to start thinking about the effects of global warming on real estate. The erosion along the oceanfront on the South Fork may not subside and may, in fact get much worse over time.

South Fork of the East End

Thomas Friedman is one of the reasons I have become more open to “going Green”. His The “World Is Flat” is one of the most enlightening books I have ever read and his  “Green Is The New Red, White and Blue” campaign makes a lot of sense to me.

Check out his article on Global Warming. Click on the link below.

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman

It would be nice to say, “Hey, Mother Nature, we’re having a credit crisis, could you take a couple years off?” But as the environmental consultant Rob Watson likes to say, “Mother Nature is just chemistry, biology and physics,” and she is going to do whatever they dictate. You can’t sweet talk Mother Nature or the market. You have to change the economics to affect the Dow and the chemistry, biology and physics to affect Mother Nature.
Op-Ed Columnist
Published: March 28, 2009