lyingThis real estate agent/broker “hype” needs to come to an end.

In Manhattan and the Hamptons, where there is no MLS or listing system that keeps track of agent/broker deals, it’s easy to ‘blow smoke” about how much business you’re doing. In the rest of the US, agents can look up your deals on the MLS database and see how much business you (or your office) does.  That’s another  reason Manahattan and Hamptons brokers have resisted the MLS. There’s something about transparency that makes people accountable for their words. Smoke Blowing continues to fuel the fires of mistrust and erode the level of respect customers and colleagues have for you.

When you read online articles today, often the real story is in the public comments that follow the story. Sure, there will always be the anonymous cynic who just wants to lash out at somebody because that’s what they do! But more people are chiming in with truth-telling, either responding to the writer or the interviewee or holding them accountable.

These days unless you specialize in short-sales or REO’s, the “I’m so busy with all these buyers” is a hope-sumbudy-sees-this-fake-story-about-me-being-busy-and-thinks-I’m-busy-because-I’m-better-than-evrybudy-else-and-calls-me…Hail Mary Pass. Been there, done that. Maybe it used to work, but it doesn’t anymore.

And it’s as hurtful as the negative hype, like the story of the “investor who went around to ten $3Million homes and offered $1Million on each and three accepted his offer” …and when will those transfers come through?

Lastly, when giving numbers, be truthful. The old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself.”  With social networking and transparency emerging, everyone’s watching…replace the word nice with honest.

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