it's a new day...

it's a new day...

Inman News, the real estate industry news organization that truly sets the tone for innovation within the real estate industry, printed a piece on buyer agency today that, hopefully is just the beginning of their coverage of the issue.

Dual agency is the secret that real estate brokers and agents have been hiding for years. The ugliness that I have seen in this business in my 11 years has been, at times shameful.  It’s no wonder that a majority of the public doesn’t trust real estate agents.  We can do better. We must do better.

Times  have changed before our eyes.  It’s time to open the curtain, turn on the lights and come out. Transparency is now a requirement in the business.

check out the Inman article below

The buy-side of real estate compensation

Flaws persist in pay system, say some buyer’s agents

Inman News