Perhaps there are some markets where brick and mortar offices are important.  For years, there has always been a ’boutique’ element to Hamptons real estate…people getting ice cream and strolling down the main streets, peering into real estate offices at all the fancy (and often photo-shopped) pictures of the estates, cottages and properties being offered.  I suppose it was lovely to pick our home out of a window, the same way we picked that beautiful pair of shoes or the bright red sled years ago…

Then the internet came and deals were flying off the table faster and faster…NO TIME FOR ICE CREAM STROLLING!!!

Well, the times they are a’changing…what will the future bring to real estate? What will the future bring to Hamptons real estate?  We’ll see, won’t we?  md




sherry chris, BH&G

CEO: Real estate offices must shrink

Brokers who cut costs will thrive, says Sherry Chris

Inman News

Relationships still matter, Chris said, but agents don’t need an office to build them. The agent of the future will be an adviser, a consultant and a negotiator — and agents will do much of their work online or face-to-face with clients in the field.

“Agents don’t want to sit in an office — they need to be completely mobile, out there doing their work” in the field, Chris said.