If you were around in 2004, when Gerry Mallow, the owner of the Sag Harbor Cinema, took down the iconic neon sign and was about to replace it with some new-fangeled thang…fortunately for us, Brenda Seimer was coming out of her yoga class, saw what was happening and sprung into action to save the original sign, which has become one of the most familiar sights in Sag Harbor.

Brenda ran a fundraiser at JLX and I bought a painting of the theatre for the Corcoran offices that sandwiched the theatre at the time.  Community activism at it’s finest…

"Save the Sign" benefit in Sag Harbor

see all the picts here

see:  Iconic Cinema Is For Sale, Sag Harbor Express


Well, now Mallow has put the building up for sale or lease. I secretly think her expects the bay Street Theatre to make a play for it, but who knows.  There are lots of changes happening in Sag harbor as we speak.  The loss of the Sag Harbor Cinema might be too much to bear.

Brenda, where are you?