Drumming circles have been a popular ritual on Sagaponack beaches for years. Full moons are the best. Swimming in the ocean under the August full moon, listening to the drummers and watching the glitter of the bonfires is a spiritual experience…nice.

Well, now we have another example of popularity drawing attention of the magistrates…lets hope they handle this one better than the EHPD handled the Vreed Gallery. md

Samba Drums Told to Beat It At Sagg Main

Impromptu gatherings said to draw 1,500

By Molly Josephs and Jennifer Landes, EH Star


8/7/2008)    Some carried drums, others carried picnic baskets, and still more arrived with nothing but a yearning to dance. For several years drummers and dancers have gathered informally at Sagg Main Beach on Monday nights in the summer, drawing a growing number of followers.

    This week, however, at around 9:30 p.m., the tiki torches around the Brazilian and African drumming circles shed light on the faces of a Southampton fire marshal, John Rankin, and of several Southampton Town police officers, who broke up a crowd of what the police estimated to be 1,500 people.