It’s pretty predictable that, during challenging times, life is stressful and more couple seems to break up. This market is no different.  While the brinkley/Cook divorce did not appear to have anything to do with the economy, it appears that there are quite a number of recent “divorce appraisals” in and around Manhattan. md

Appraisers see more divorce work

By Adam Pincus , The Real Deal 
As the real estate owned by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and model Christie Brinkley is thrust into the spotlight by their much-hyped divorce battles, so is a type of behind-the-scenes expert that has been in more demand lately: the real estate appraiser.

The appraiser working on Brinkley’s case would have been very busy: she had 18 properties valued at up to $80 million in the Hamptons that were in dispute in her divorce, which was resolved with a settlement reached today. The settlement left Brinkley in control of all 18 properties.

Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of appraisal firm Miller Samuel, said he had seen a substantial increase from January to May, compared to the year before, although he did not provide exact numbers. Most of the firm’s work is for legal matters, he said.

“I am struck by its broad base. It is not isolated to high end,” Miller said. “It is covering most demographics.”
He said he noticed a similar, but less pronounced, increase in demand after September 11, 2001.

Hamptons broker Michael Daly, principal of Beach Property of the Hamptons, said Brinkley has a knack for finding properties. “She has great real estate karma,” he said