Committee for a Green South Fork
May 8, 2008
Dear Concerned South Fork Resident,

LIPA poles delivered to back roads.

It appears that LIPA will install the huge poles this week.

How did this happen?  Inspite of our efforts to convince the Southampton Town Board to act to protect the back roads of the South Fork — the Town Board is unwilling to risk the possibility that the cost for under-grounding the 3.75 mile section could become an obligation for the Town as a whole…in the event LIPA’s Trustees nullify an agreement between the Town Board and LIPA management.

(LIPA Trustees could vote 4-months from now not to permit a separate surcharge for the east end of Southampton to pay for undergrounding.  Kevin Law, LIPA’s president, has given the Town Board “strong personal”  assurances that the Trustees will back his management’s agreement, but the Town is not willing to take this risk for Water Mill.)

The agreement would have called for a surcharge to LIPA bills based upon consumption for the section of the Town east of the Shinnecock Canal (excluding Tuckahoe, Shinnecock and the Shinnecock Reservation).  This would have been a win-win solution with LIPA getting a better (underground) system at our expense, and the Town preserving scenic vistas, property values and protecting a vital hurricane escape route.

It defies common sense that this did not succeed.  This solution would have been applicable to the next leg of LIPA’s expansion from Bridgehampton into East Hampton.  Instead, the same battle will have to be fought by East Hampton.

IF WE WIN THE LEGAL BATTLE, THE POLES WILL COME DOWN!  We will not give up this fight.  We still have lawsuits pending against LIPA’s false and faulty Enviromental Impact Statement, and also against LIPA for the loss of property value on the back roads. 

Collective Tax Grievance Planned.  Because these huge towering poles will negatively impact property values along Head of Pond and Scuttle Hole, especially, we are planning a mass protest at Town Hall with a collective grievance for a reduction in tax assessments.  The date has yet to be set, but the deadline for tax grievance is May 20, and the date will be before then.

Meeting – Monday, May 12, 7PM in Water Mill.  We will discuss the impact of the huge poles at the meeting of the Water Mill Citizens Advisory Committee on Monday, May 12 at 7PM at the Water Mill Community House (at the traffic light in Water Mill opposite Citarella and Blockbuster with parking in the back of the shopping center) .  The meeting is open to all who wish to attend, not just from Water Mill.

We need your support for our legal defense fund.  (Click here to go to and then click on the “DONATE” button for a secure credit card contribution via PayPal.  Thanks, again, to those who have already donated. 

Steve Abramson, Chair
Committee for a Green South Fork