I moved to Sag Harbor nearly 10 years ago from Remsenberg, a tiny halmet just west of Westhampton. That was after living in New York, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Del Mar and Hingham, Mass.  

Sag was – and still is- a number of things that I like in a community; family oriented, casual, shops mostly locally owned and operated, boating all around and quite unassuming. Sag has been known as the “Un-Hampton” for many years…until recently when housing prices have shot up dramatically and those seeking a more relaxed, integrated village lifestyle have been selling their “south of the highway” homes and moving to the Sag Harbor/North Haven area in droves. 

The size of the boats that are in the harbor have quadroupled in the last five years. They are not called “boats” – they are called yachts,  megayachts and gigayachts.

Then in the last year, a number of condominimum projects have been proposed for “the harbor”, all of which I am in favor of, for they will not only provide a balanced choice of lifestyles in our community, but each of them will replace blight in our village. The Watchcase Factory, The Diner Building and Roccos nightclub.

But THIS CVS THING HAS GONE TOO FAR.  I am not in favor of CVS coming to our community at all, never mind opening a 17000 square foot store that belongs next to the Home Depot Expo in Smithtown.  Granted , they are probably shooting for the moon, asking for way more size than they know they will be allowed, but geez…THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Sag Harbor is the only village on the East End that still has a 5&10cent store. Let’s keep this last one open!!! 

Check out the NYTimes article below and if you want to participate, go to the links after to sign the petition. md

A Harbor Village Resists Outsiders

Published: August 12, 2007


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