It’s becoming a point of contention more and more often between landowners and home owners, here on the glorious East End of Long Island.

What is “Open Space” and what is and is not allowed on an Agricultural Reserve?

The Peconic Land Trust has an informative Glossary of Terms on land conservation, but doesn’t really clear up the differences.

I find that many new homeowners are paying a premium for property “adjacent to reserve” because they believe that the “reserve” will just become an extension of their backyard…until the tractors show up or the farmer decides to build a barn on the property or the owner leases the property to a polo club for the season.

A recent search of online listings on HREO, using the keyword “reserve”, turned up 401 listings, from a $29,500,000 listing in North Haven down to a $319,000 listing “adjacent to reserve” in Riverhead.

Check out this article, by Valerie in the NYT:

Preserving Land, but Not for Farmers  

Published: August 5, 2007