Ok, so I get the UNSOLICITED SPAMail this morning and, DUH, open it up:


Well, if they list the “TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN AMERICA” , I’d like to see how they do it and who those “top real estate agents in America” are.

So, I go to their website:

agent quest bs

SPAM like this – AGENT QUEST – is getting me increasingly hot under the collar!

Are there really realtors and consumers out there who buy this junk? I guess people are falling for the Ambassador to Guyana needing to invest $22 million emails, so…

Sure, they’ll get you in touch with “TOP AGENTS”.  If you agree with their definition of a “TOP AGENT” as being  anyone who’s desperate enough to pay AGENT QUEST $59.00 a year! See below:

Insulting, exploitive, immoral – should be illegal!!! md