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We’ve been hearing for some time now, that energy prices would cause demand for smaller homes, just like they have had an impact on big SUV sales being replaced by the “Cross-Overs”. But as we see, so often, this market does not always follow national trends to a “t”.

What I do see in remodels are fewer and fewer formal living rooms and dining rooms. The trend for great rooms and family rooms has been going on for a while. But in the new spec homes, I’m still seeing those formal rooms, but what appears to be happening, is the trend for everyone in the household to be getting their own room in the house in addition to their bedroom.

Both the man and the woman of the house each get their own offices today, of course the older children do, too. Then there has to be a media room , a library and a gym. More and more homes are finishing off the basements (more commonly being referred to as “lower levels”) and adding walk out entrances.  Most new homes over 5000 square feet have a wine cellar as well. 

This article was in Realtor Magazine today. Again, national trends happen at different times in different markets.

Buyers Say Size Doesn’t Matter