Sometimes we think that everything is different here in the Hamptons. Sure, our median prices are twice the Suffolk County median and nearly four times the national median.  But 80% of real estate is global; it has to do with people and homes, comfort and security. 

We’ve all seen how, during the softer sales period of 2006, many new construction homes took quite some time to sell. I believe that staging would shorten the selling time, and here’s some evidence:  The NAR research shows that vacant homes can take as much as TWICE as long to sell.  So, ask yourself (or your client) “How much does it cost to carry this property per month?”

Of course, if you are going to stage your home in the Hamptons, you’ve got to talk to Barbara Feldman at BF Designs




Barbara Feldman BF Designs

Barbara Feldman  has been a space planner and interior designer for over thirty years. Her body of work includes high-end residential and commercial properties, as well as VIP suites for hospitality.  Ms. Feldman was one of the first recognized interior healthcare designers in the country, and has created over 150 healing environments.  A long-time resident of East Hampton, she has now turned her attention to property staging, designing and renovating properties for today’s real estate market.  In 2006 Ms. Feldman was voted the “Best of the Best” property stager by Dan’s Papers.  Barbara can be reached at 631.329.6722 or at

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It’s not everyday you hear about a home selling within three days, with multiple offers, over the list price of $1.3 million in January!  Michelle Minch of Moving Mountains Design in Pasadena took a vacant home, and transformed it into a home buyers fell in love with!  Comparing the before-and-after photos reminds us why vacant homes generally take twice as long to sell, and are the most important homes to professionally stage.  If these visuals aren’t enough, here are five reasons why you should NEVER try and sell a vacant home: HERE