Sites like these, aggregators, may be useful for large areas covered by traditional real estate brokerages who all use Multiple Listing Service, but not here on Eastern Long Island where only approximately 15-20% of the areas listings are available on MLS. 
There is not enough data to make their info statistically accurate or significant.

In Manhattan, the two largest brokers do not have their listings on the site – I don’t see that noted anywhere. “Oh, forgive us, but this site and these statistics do not reflect over 50% of the market”.

Here on the East End, Trulia has 21 properties listed for the 11963 area code, which is Sag Harbor, Noyac and North Haven. has over 300 listings. For Southampton (11968), Trulia has 49 properties, has over 500, and even has 78 listings, 29 more than Trulia.  So, Trulia has less than 10% of the listings on their site and MLS must not be the basis of their listings.

This is like the Zillow thing, where they offered their estimate services and were between 30-50% off what real values were. Both Zillow and Trulia put the word “Beta” on their sites, so I guess beta is the new word for “Not Even Close” 

Check out the Suffolk County Heatmap – you can zoom in, check by zip code, etc.

Check out the Manhattan Heat Map – same thing here.

Here’s the WSJ article about Trulia:  Heat Maps Offer a Visual View
Of U.S. Housing Prices

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