There were stories in summer 2005 that the de Menil property had been sold to the Swedish Industrialist who had been renting the property during the summers, for $90 Million. Story was that he knocked out another “deal” that had been made for $85 Million. Well, now the story is $100 Million. See what Braden Keil reports below:


Hamptons Baron

Billionaire investment banker Ron Baron has become a land baron with the purchase of Adelaide de Menil’s much ballyhooed 40-acre oceanfront estate on Further Lane in East Hampton.

Our trustworthy sources say that Baron will pay approximately $100 million for the property, part of which he will add to his 11-acre estate next door. The rest he plans to subdivide into several pricey oceanfront lots.

De Menil and Baron have both denied negotiating with each other since The Post first reported they were in talks in 2005.

Since then, de Menil, an heiress to the Schlumberger oil fortune, has donated several vintage buildings on the land to the Town of East Hampton, giving them a deadline of April to move them or lose them.

In 2002, the Baron Capital founder paid $23 million for the two parcels next door to de Menil – one parcel included a 13,000-square-foot house, which he bulldozed in 2005 and is replacing with an even larger house.

But it’s still no farther away from Two Mile Hollow Beach, the spit of sand that becomes a gay-cruising area after sunset, which Baron tried to have closed down.

Baron’s spokesman did not return calls.