…is good advice, even to the WSJ.

In the article “Top U.S. Housing Markets
And Where Sales Are Weak”

there is this website quoted because it “has come out with a list of 25 markets that it says will experience the highest home-price appreciation in 2007.”  

Well, since there was a link to it, I went to check it out to find out what markets they pick and why. I also wanted to see who they are and what credentials they have – guess what?  No luck.   Just dead ends and plenty of opportunities to advertise with them and give them MY contact info (surprise!).  Interestingly enough, I went to their Terms of Service and read it. Well, it’s good to know that these fine folks have spent “days and even weeks compiling the information” and that “all information contained herein may be in error”.

See for yourself at:  ( I HATE to promote a link to this website, but… SHAME ON THEM!)

I feel much better now and will certainly come back to this site to check their predictions regularly (NOT!)

It’s sad that we have gotten so “content hungry” that we cut and past and link, link, link without checking out our sources.

I know I’m guilty of it myself.

Me and the WSJ.

I promise to do better. md