…for the WSJ Homes of the Week?

This article makes several sweeping statements and assumptions. Dangerous to do in an unscientific sampling.    Yes, sales of homes did slow down last year, but this article makes it sound somewhat catastrophic. I suppose that’s what journalism does best, eh? (Remember the “B” word?)

I’d like to know the criteria that is used to pick the House of the Week. Anybody know?

One thing is for sure, I’m not buying into a REIT based upon on this column’s picks. md

The Year of Listing Patiently;
Sales Are Slow for Pricey Homes

By Ben Casselman
From The Wall Street Journal Online


Another interesting article in this last Friday’s WSJ:

Borrowing Large

By Robert Frank 

Debt of the Wealthy Soars,
As Tool to Boost Returns;
Top 1% Pursues Top 0.1 %
January 19, 2007; Page W2

“Them Billionaires is kickin’ us Millionairs out!” Dave D.