Roddy Boyd from the Post, writes about Alan Stillmans property for sale, offered at $65 Million.

The properties are located in one of the coveted areas of Sagaponack, near Gibson Beach.  Great spot, great opportunity. Lotsa moola. md

December 17, 2006 — EVEN in the Hamptons circa 2006, $65 million buys a lot of steak.

At least, that’s what Alan Stillman, the founder and chief executive of Smith & Wollensky’s, is betting as he markets 15 acres of his epic Sagaponack spread.

The site, including six separate parcels – with a beautiful pond and ocean frontage – went on the market recently, as The Post reported Thursday.

A broker told The Post, “It’s not quite configured for a true estate. It’s better for a developer.”

Why Stillman is selling isn’t clear.

As recently as September, Stillman – who also owns The Park Avenue Cafe and Maloney And Poricelli – was giving interviews to a local paper talking about his love for the east end of Long Island, where he has been coming since the late ’60s.

Stillman, a legitimate New York character – he founded the restaurant chain TGIFridays in 1964 because, he says, “the pill had just been invented and I wanted to meet girls” – did not return repeated calls. Roddy Boyd