The news has not been very good as of late. Nationally, real estate sales are down and values are dropping. The press loves the sensational, the dramatic. Good news isn’t a draw. Who slows down on the highway to look at a car on the side of the road when there hasn’t been an accident, right? Add some twisted metal and a few emergency vehicles and cars line up for miles to catch a peek. Sad, but true.

Here in the Hamptons, the news has not been all bad. Sure, there are stories of motivated sellers, price drops and more inventory than we have experienced in recent “high-flying” years, and there are data reports showing the number of sales are down from 2005, but the median and average sales prices are up. That’s not bad news.

Well, the Wall Street bonuses are coming.
“For a fourth consecutive year, year-end bonuses are forecast to be highly lucrative, with the payouts rising 10 percent to 15 percent from 2005, according to Alan Johnson Associates, a leading executive compensation consultant.”

And the Hamptons spring real estate market is right around the corner.

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